Bad to the bone.
Ideal Class Mage or Acolyte
Max Health 110%
Max Mana 105%
Defense 115%
Melee Damage 90%
Melee Crit Damage 85%
Ranged Damage 85%
Ranged Crit Damage 0%
Magic Damage 105%
Magic Crit Damage 85%
Mana Cost 100%
Movement Speed 100%
Action Time 100%
Attack Speed 100%
Melee Speed 100%
Mining Speed 100%
Race Skills None
Special Attributes Hurt from using holy items

(except for holy water)

Immune to poison

Does not need to breath underwater

The skeleton is likely the most challenging race to play, making it ideal for a harder run.

Due to their lack of defined musculature, skeletons have a hard time dealing damage, but thanks to their hard bones and dark magic enchantments they bring it back with high defense against attacks. Also, as a result of their necromantic background they use their bodies as a channeling vessel for magic to increase its damage.

In N Terraria 5 or 6 it can only heal normally without potions in the dungeon or at night.