Shields are items that can be put in the quick slot bar for additional effects, some shields dont have these effects. Shield can be used by right-clicking while having it in the quick-slot bar, although it must not be selected. The defense given is only applied when right-clicking, but the special effects will apply all the time. Skills operate normally while using the shield, making it very useful for Mages. Shields also have a chance of blocking, blocking is just like dodging, negates all the damage from the attack. Only one shield's effect can apply at time, having multiple shields in the quickslot bar useless.

Here is a list of all shields:

Name Image Acquiring Defense Block Chance Special
Bunny Shield Drop from Bunny 3 0% Monsters will stop spawning around you
Dungeon Guardian Shield Drop from Dungeon Guardian 30 0% None
Wooden Shield
Wooden Shield-0
30 Wood at Work Bench 2 10% None
Bunny Avenger Shield Drop from Bunny Avenger 0 35% Monsters appear with more frequency
Iron Shield
Item 653-0
20 Iron Bars at Work Bench 5 10% None
Lead Shield
Item 717
15 Lead Bars at Work Bench 5 10% Attacks have a chance to cause poison
Gold Shield
Item 654-0
25 Gold Bars at Work Bench 6 15% None
Item 711-0
30 Crimtane Bars at Work Bench 7 20% None
Fatso Corruptor Shield
Item 652-0
25 Shadow Scales at Work Bench 7 20% Chance to spawn mini-eaters on successful block
Necro Shield
Item 720-0
100 Bones at a Work Bench 7 35% Reduces ammo cost by 20%
Chlorophyte Shield
Item 710-0
30 Chlorophyte Bars at Work Bench 12 30% None
Ocean Shield
Ocean shield
Ocean Chests 8 30% Periodically produces a block of water
Hallowed Shield
Item 713-0
20 Hallowed Bars at Work Bench 11 50% None
Molten Shield
Item 719
30 Hellstone Bars at Work Bench 12 35% Attacks have a chance to cause Burning
Turtle Shield
Turtle Shield
25 Turtle Shells at Work Bench or drop from Giant Tortoise 21 45% None
Ice Turtle Shield
Item 715-0
Drop from Ice Tortoise 16


Inflicts Frostburn
Desert Shield Desert Mobs 8 30% Pools of water evaporate around the user.
Tactical Shield
Item 733
Drop from Hardmode Dungeon 25 50% None
Life Shield
Life Shield
25 Life Fruits at Work Bench 13 25% Max health increased by 80
Silver Shield
Item 722
20 Silver Bars at Work Bench 7 15% None
Heart Shield
Item 714
10 Life Crystals at Work Bench 8 30% Max health increased by 40