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This is the N Terraria Official Wiki, it's not complete, but you will at least find most of what you need to know. In case you dont find what you are looking for, try discovering the mod and share what you get to know on this wiki, everyone can edit.

N Terraria Season 6 is out, but the project is currently under a hiatus.

Be sure to update the wiki entries with new mod changes.

* Most of the features bellow are not implemented on N Terraria 6. *

This mod has been launched for the first time in June 20th, 2012.


Here you can see and compare NTerraria seasons so you know what is in or not in that version.

N Terraria Season Terraria Version
Season 7
Season 6
Season 5
Season 4 1.1.2?
Season 3 1.1.2
Season 2 1.1.2
Season 1 1.1.2


In case you are still stuck, check out this start up guide.


  • Mod download link here
  • If you want to talk about it, use this wiki's forum while it lasts, or visit the steam group here.

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