World Modes N5-

There are three different modes that can be choosen on world creation:

  • Regular RPG is the normal RPG mode with max level 150.
  • Classic RPG modifies the level of the monsters to match the level of the character causing the monsters to spawn
  • Free RPG allows infinite leveling by removing the caps on stats like health and mana. Monsters gain levels based on a little math done by their status, plus how far you are from the spawn, alongside to the number of bosses and events defeated.
  • No Tomorrow Creates a Hardmode World where all monsters, even NPC's will forcedly be level 250, only characters with Regular RPG Mode can join the world. Unlocked by having a Level 90+ Character.

Game Modes N5-

There are two gamemodes available (they are changed via the N Terraria Options in Option in the Main Menu):

  • Action mode is more a Terraria-like experience with the custom weapons, NPPlayers and all the other mod features
  • RPG Mode is the standard mode, pre-selected from the beginning, this adds the above changes aswell as a leveling system, stats (STR, VIT etc.) and other features

NEW Game Modes N Terraria 6

Changed Game Mode function to not need you to make a character specific for the game mode.(Can be changed in nTerraria options at the menu under the exit button.)

Each game mode have different level,status and classes,but if you switch back to the mode that you was using before,your stats will be back.

  • Action Mode - Leveling does not matter, and there are no classes system, just the old classic Terraria gameplay, with the addition of races, quests, etc.
  • Regular RPG Mode - Regular Rpg Mode is the most basic rpg mode of the mod.
  • Hardcore RPG Mode - Hardcore Mode makes the monsters stronger than the regular mode, and more rewarding to level up.
  • Free Mode - Free mode have a faster leveling rate than Hardcore and Regular RPG Modes, but monsters grow stronger based on your progress in the world, not recommended for beginners.
  • Capped Regular RPG - Same as Regular RPG Mode, but makes your character status be capped based on biome maximum level, or toughest monster if you have passed it's level.
  • Capped Hardcore RPG - Same as Hardcore RPG Mode, but with capped levels aswell.