The level up is necessary to make your character stronger.

For each level you gain:

  • 150% bonus to all stats (hidden, you cannot see those, and except general Critical damages, that get 20% of boost instead.)
  • 2 status points (1 in classic world)
  • Health and Mana are regenerated for free.
  • More Pierce and Immunity bonus (If level is 50 or above)

If you level up a class, you will gain a Skill Point, plus free status boost based on the class instead.

You can choose in what attribute and skill to spend it on.

You get tougher and stronger with every level.

In order to reach a level past 50, the player must kill the Wall of Flesh

You can only get in hardmode when being level 50 or higher due to difficulty problems when too low of a level.

N Terraria 6

For each level you gain:

  • New quests may be avaliable
  •  ? Status points

Now you reach past 50 without kill Wall of Flesh

On capped modes,if you level is higher than the level of the biome,it will down to the max level of the biome that you are,but you can still leveling up.