Items sorted by category. Kinda.

Tools Category
Stone Pickaxe Pickaxe
Stone Axe Axe
Stone Hammer Hammer
Polished Gold Pickaxe Pickaxe
Polished Gold Battle Axe Axe
Polished Gold War Hammer Hammer
Items/Acessories Category
Moon Shell Accessory
Jungle Band Accessory
Band of Light Accessory
Band of Wisdom Accessory
Iron Chain Material / Accessory
Health Crystal Usable
Magic Crystal Usable
Purple Spiky Thing Acorn Usable
Coal Material
Bag of Gunpowder Material
Dead Wood Material
The Almighty Stick Usable
Boat Inventory Item
Swords Category
Zeta Scythe Sword
Pixel Sword Sword
Heavy Gunblade Sword
Stone Broadsword Sword
Stone Shortsword Sword
Polished Gold Estoc Sword
Polished Gold Gladius Sword
Phase Rapier ( All Colors) Sword
Tyrfing Sword
Crissaegrim Sword
Saber Sword
Frying Pan Sword
Morning Star Sword
Evening Star Sword
Club Sword
Bloody Mace Sword
Diamond Sword Sword
Electric Sword Sword
Twin Rings Sword
Nexus Sword
Zweihander Schwert Sword
Terminus Est Sword
Bionic Hammer


Slime Armada Sword
Shields Category
Wooden Shield Shield
Iron Shield Shield
Bunny Avenger Shield Shield
Desert Shield Shield
Bunny Shield Shield
Lead Shield Shield
Crimson-Legion Shield
Fatso Corruptor Shield Shield
Necro Shield Shield
Chlorophyte Shield Shield
Ocean Shield Shield
Hallow Shield Shield
Molten Shield Shield
Turtle Shield Shield
Ice Turtle Shield Shield
Dungeon Guardian Shield Shield
Tactical Shield Shield
Gold Shield Shield
Demonic Shield Shield
Thrown Weapons Category
Throwing Knife Thrown Weapon
Poisoned Knife Thrown Weapon
Shuriken Thrown Weapon
Bows / Ranged Category
Stone Bow Bow
Bulls-eye Star Ranged Weapon
Grenade Launcher Ranged Weapon
Polished Gold Long Bow Bow
Cobalt Crossbow Bow
Mythril Crossbow Bow
Adamantite Crossbow Bow
Hallowed Crossbow Bow
Guns Category
Colt Gun
Golden Maiden Gun
Diamond Maiden Gun
Sniper Gun
Spells Category
Magic Branch Wand
Arrow Book Magic Book
Prime Laser Arm Magic Gun

Use this one for items that you dont know which category they fit in.
Phaseblade Fighter Breastplate
Phaseblade Fighter Mask
Phaseblade Fighter Pants
Darkness Helmet
Darkness Breastplate