Notice: Not all of the items in this list have been re-implemented into NTerraria 6, as such, this list is not fully reliable for that version

As you might have thought, N Terraria features some new items that can not be found in the original game.

Here is a list of those items:

N Terraria 5 Items
Name Type Sprite Acquiring Crafted using Crafted at
Firebrand Melee Weapon
Item 672
Antlion Swarmer, N/A N/A
Long Blade Estoc Melee Weapon
Item 620
Crafting Work Bench
Blaze Wand Magic Weapon
Item 625
Wizard NPC N/A N/A
Bunny Cannon Ranged Weapon
Bunny Cannon
Bunny N/A N/A
Pixel Sword Melee Weapon
Merchant NPC N/A N/A
Terminus Est Melee Weapon
Item 641
Toxic Sludge N/A N/A
Sword Mace Melee Weapon
Item 640-0
Chaos Elemental N/A N/A
Purple Spiky Thing Acorn Placeable Crafting By hand
Colt Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Handgun
  • 3 Diamonds
  • Musket
Cthulhu's Servant Cannon Ranged Weapon
Cthulhu's Servant Cannon
Eye of Cthulhu N/A N/A
Elements of Harmony Mount
Elements of Harmony
Unicorn N/A N/A
Wolf Emblem Mount
Wolf Emblem
Wolf N/A N/A
Phase Rapiers Melee Weapon Crafting By hand
Stone Broadsword Melee Weapon Crafting
  • 25 Stone
Stone Shortsword Melee Weapon Crafting
  • 20 Stone
Stone Axe Tool Crafting
  • 15 Stone
Stone Hammer Tool Crafting
  • 20 Stone
Stone Bow Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • 10 Stone
Stone Pickaxe Tool Crafting
  • 15 Stone
Golden Maiden Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • 10 Gold Bars
  • Flintlock Pistol
Tyrfing Melee Weapon
Item 675
Crafting Altar
Dead Wood (Renamed Dead Branch) Miscellaneous Hardmode dungeon mobs (Normal dungeon drops it as well) N/A N/A
Crissaegrim Melee Weapon
  • 3 Cobalt/Palladium Swords
  • 25 Adamantite/Titanium Bars
  • 15 Dead Wood
Diamond Maiden Ranged Weapon Crafting By hand
The Almighty Stick Consumable
The Almighty Stick
Man Eater N/A N/A
Magic Stick Magic Weapon
Item 612-0
  • 10 Wood
  • 3 Acorns
  • Fallen Star
By hand
Saber Melee Weapon
Skeleton, Skullic Assassin N/A N/A
Bulls-eye Star Ranged Weapon
Item 626
Arms Dealer NPC N/A N/A
PXL300 Ranged Weapon
Item 628
Skeleton Archer N/A N/A
Wooden Shield Shield
Wooden Shield-0
  • 30 Wood
Work Bench
Iron Shield Shield
Item 653-0
  • 20 Iron Bars
Work Bench
Gold Shield Shield
Item 654-0
  • 25 Gold Bars
Work Bench
Lead Shield Shield
Item 717
  • 15 Lead Bars
Work Bench
Desert Shield Shield
Item 737
Any mob in any Desert N/A N/A
Fatso Corruptor Shield Shield
Item 652-0
  • 25 Shadow Scales
Work Bench
Bunny Shield Shield
Item 709-0
Bunny N/A N/A
Bunny Avenger Shield Shield
Item 708-0
Avenger Bunny N/A N/A
Turtle Shield Shield
Turtle Shield
Crafting, Giant Tortoise
  • 25 Turtle Shells
Work Bench
Ice Turtle Shield Shield
Item 715-0
Ice Tortoise N/A N/A
Crimson Legion Shield
Item 711-0
  • 30 Crimtane Bars
Work Bench
Hallow Shield Shield
Item 713-0
  • 20 Hallowed Bars
Work Bench
Necro Shield Shield
Item 720-0
  • 100 Bones
Work Bench
Chlorophyte Shield Shield
Item 710-0
  • 30 Chlorophyte Bars
Work Bench
Frying Pan Melee Weapon
Frying Pan
  • 3 Wood
  • 25 Iron Bars
By hand
Morning Star Melee Weapon
Item 615
  • 50 Iron Bars
  • 15 Spikes
Evening Star Melee Weapon
Item 614
Dryad N/A N/A
Diamond Sword Melee Weapon
Item 631
  • 9 Wood
  • 3 Diamonds
By hand
Prime Laser Arm Magic Weapon
Prime laser arm
Skeletron Prime's Prime Laser N/A N/A
Arrow Book Magic Weapon Dungeon N/A N/A
Electric Sword Melee Weapon
Item 617
  • 25 Wire
  • 12 Iron Bars
  • 3 Chains
Twin Rings Melee Weapon
Item 642
  • 15 Chains
By hand
Nexus Melee Weapon
Item 623-0
Merchant NPC N/A N/A
Zweihander Schwert Melee Weapon
Armored Skeletons, Skullic Fighters N/A N/A
Grenade Launcher Ranged Weapon
Item 647
The Twins N/A N/A
Cultist Emblem Accessory
Item 624
Wall of Flesh N/A N/A
Band of Light Accessory
Band of light-0
  • 3 Vines
  • 20 Jungle Spores
  • 2 Topaz
By hand
Band of Wisdom Accessory
Item 664
  • 8 Cobalt Bars
  • 20 Books
  • 2 Emeralds
By hand
Jungle Band Accessory
Item 618
  • Band of Regeneration
  • Band of Starpower
  • 15 Vines
Tinkerer's Workshop
Phaseblade Fighter Mask Armor
Phaseblade Fighter Mask
Jungle (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
Phaseblade Fighter Breastplate Armor
Phaseblade Fighter Armor
Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu N/A N/A
Phaseblade Fighter Pants Armor
Phaseblade Fighter Pants
Moss Hornets (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
Dawn's Darkness Melee Weapon
Dawn's Darkness
Crafting Altar
Ignis Staff Magic Weapon
Ignis staff
July in Fury event N/A N/A
Iron Cannon Ranged Weapon
Item 752
  • 28 Iron Bars
Mythril Anvil
Flintlock Pistol Ranged Weapon
Item 95
Crafting, Arms Dealer NPC
  • 22 Iron Bars
Silver Shield Shield
Item 722
  • 20 Silver Bars
Work Bench
Club Melee Weapon
  • 25 Wood
Work Bench
Flower Sword Melee Weapon
Flower Sword
Plantera N/A N/A
Golden Cannon Ranged Weapon
Golden Cannon
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Molten Shield Shield
Item 719
Crafting Work Bench
Jungle Shield Shield
Item 716-0
Crafting Work Bench
Pumpkin Gift Consumable
Crafting By hand
Shotel Melee Weapon
Jungle monsters N/A N/A
Diamond Bomb Cannon Ranged Weapon
Diamond Bomb Cannon
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Slime Helmet Armor
Crafting Work Bench
Slime Armor Armor
Crafting Work Bench
Slime Leggings Armor
Crafting Work Bench
Slime Armada Melee Weapon
Item 676
Crafting By hand
Stilleto Melee Weapon
Item 638
Crafting By hand
Happy Smasher Melee Weapon
Happy Smasher
Clown N/A N/A
Jungle Scaraba Melee Weapon
Jungle Scaraba
Jungle Shrines N/A N/A
Leeching Cannon Melee Weapon
Leeching Cannon
Wall of Flesh N/A N/A
Life Shield Shield
Life Shield
Crafting Work Bench
Heart Shield Shield
Item 714
  • 10 Life Crystals
Work Bench
Tactical Shield Shield
Item 733
Tactical Skeleton (Hardmode Dungeon) N/A N/A
Dungeon Guardian Shield Shield
Item 712
Dungeon Guardian N/A N/A
Ocean Shield Shield
Item 721
Ocean Chest N/A N/A
True Dawn's Darkness Melee Weapon
True Dawn
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Darkness Helmet Armor
Item 765
Reverse Corruption N/A N/A
Darkness Breastplate Armor
Item 764
Zone Eater N/A N/A
Darkness Leggings Armor
Item 766
Rusty Armored Bones (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
Bionic Hammer Melee Weapon
Item 630
Drop (unknown) N/A N/A
Heavy Gunblade Melee Weapon
Spazmatism N/A N/A
Bloody Mace Melee Weapon
Unknown N/A N/A
Peace Keeper Melee Weapon
Item 636
Underground Mushroom N/A N/A
Paladin Helmet Armor
Item 759
Paladin (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
Paladin Plate Mail Armor
Item 770
Queen Slime (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
Paladin Greaves Armor
Item 760
Lihzahrd Dungeon (Reverse Realm) N/A N/A
E11 Ranged Weapon
Item 679
Bounty Quests N/A N/A
Lamp Post Cannon Ranged Weapon
Item 754
Retinazer N/A N/A
Magma Thunder Accessory
Item 741
  • Lightning Boots
  • Lava Waders
Tinkerer's Workshop
Polished Gold Battle Axe Tool Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Polished Gold Estoc Melee Weapon    Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Polished Gold Gladius Melee Weapon    Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Polished Gold Long Bow Ranged Weapon    Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Polished Gold Pickaxe Tool    Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Polished Gold War Hammer Tool    Fortune Slimes during Fortune Event N/A N/A
Non-N Terraria 5 Items
Name Type Sprite Acquiring Crafted using Crafted at
Boat Miscellaneous
Boat remastered
  • 240 Wood
By hand
Health Crystal Consumable Crafting
  • 2 Life Crystals
By hand
Magic Crystal Consumable Crafting
  • 2 Mana Crystals
By hand
Bag of Gunpowder x5 Material Crafting
  • 3 Coal
  • Iron Bar
Coal Material Crafting
  • Silt
Gravel Material Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cobalt Crossbow Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Cobalt Repeater
By hand
Mythril Crossbow Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Mythril Reapter
By hand
Adamantite Crossbow Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Adamantite Repeater
By hand
Hallowed Crossbow Ranged Weapon
  • Hallowed Repeater
By hand
Musket Ball x25 Ammo    Crafting
  • 2 Iron Bars
  • 3 Bag of Gunpowder

N Terraria 6 items

Blaze Wand

Magic Stick

Dead Branch

Pixel Sword


Dwarven Axe

Potato Launcher

Iron Cannon

Chilling Bomb Cannon

Golden Cannon

Bunny Cannon

Jungle Scaraba

Diamond Bomb Cannon

Molten Blast

Laser Cannon

Hallowed Torpedo

Enchanted Glaive

Powered Up Enchanted Sword

Wooden Shield

Lead Shield

Iron Shield

Silver Shield

Tungsten Shield

Gold Shield

Fatso Corruptor Shield

Crimson Legion

Necro Shield

Hallow Shield

Molten Shield

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