The Graveyard is a N Terraria biome that spawns a large number of undead creatures, as well as worm-family creatures.

A graveyard is made if you place 12 tombstones close together. All 6 tombstone models may be used in the creation of a Graveyard. Graveyard biomes only appear and function at night.

Graveyard biomes can be extended by connecting more tombstones.

The biome does not work on the Underground, Underworld, Dungeon and neither on evil biomes (Corruption and Crimson). However, sometimes it may still work partially, but only worm-family mobs will spawn on these biomes at night.

Tombstones are created upon the death of any character in any difficulty. In order to farm tombstones it is suggested to create a new character on softcore and kill yourself repeatedly.

This biome is an easy source of experience, however the mobs can be overwhelming. It is advised to place campfires and heart lanterns inside a graveyard.

Occasionally a miniboss named Skulliton may spawn.


When entering a Graveyard, Underground Corruption Music is played.

If you are using N Terraria version 4 or above, Eclipse music will play instead.


NT5.11: Decreased spawns inside the graveyard by a bit.