Type Melee Weapon
Sub Type Sword
Damage 33
Critical Chance 5%
Speed Insanely Fast (5)
Knockback Weak
Dropped by None
Crafted with
  • 3 Cobalt/Palladium swords
  • 25 Adamantite/Titanium bars
  • 15 Dead Wood(renamed Dead Branch)
Crafted on Demon Altar


  • On the source code for N Terraria, Crissaegrim is named awkwardly, written "Crissae Grin" instead.
  • Mod version 5.14 gave Crissaegrim a speed boost.
  • The fastest melee weapon in N Terraria. It is similar to the Cobalt Sword and Muramasa, but attacks at a much faster rate.
  • It can swing 180 degrees if the melee speed is enough. This was done to stop it from 'breaking' or not using in earlier versions. It also used to be able to stick in one place as an illusion of 1 use time, or it not moving. it can only go to 2 use time now.