In N Terraria a few new buffs added to the game although some buffs in game are unobtainable.

Name Effect Icon
? ?
Buff 42
Pony Mount Buff Unreleased Buff
Buff 1
Wolf Mount Buff Unreleased Buff
Buff 0
? ?
Buff 43
Provoke Buff (Old) ?
Buff 44
Builder Buff Increases build speed and range by +1
Builder (Buff)
Swiftness Buff Increases the players speed by 25%
Swiftness buff
Gills Buff Allows the player to breathe underwater. They instead drown in the air.
Obsidian Skin Buff Player becomes invulnerable to lava and hot blocks.
Obsidian Skin
Ammo Reservation Buff Gives player 20% chance to not waste ammo.
Ammo Reservation
Mana Regeneration Buff Increased mana regeneration.
Mana Regeneration
Magic Power Buff Magic damage increased by 20%
Magic Power
Wrath Buff Weapon damage increased by 10%
Rage Buff increases critical strike chance by 10%
Feather fall Buff Slows down the players fall speed. 
Invisibility Buff Makes the player invisible. Does not apply on armor.
Shine Buff Emits light source around player.
Night Owl Buff Increased light vision.
Night Owl
Spelunker Buff Shows location of Chests, pots, and ores.