Bosses represent some of N Terraria's largest challenges as they possess stats and abilities elevated much beyond the normal fare. Many of them come fresh from vanilla Terraria with their old behaviors, but with boosted stats to stay challenging against leveled characters and classes.

Normal Mode

Boss Name Spawning requirement
Eye of Cthulhu Summoned by using Suspicious Looking Eye at night. If not defeated before dawn, it will despawn.
Brain of Cthulhu Can be summoned in the Crimson using a Bloody Spine, or by destroying three Crimson Hearts. Unlike the Eater of Worlds it does not despawn when leaving the crimson.
Eater of Worlds Summoned using Worm Food in the Corruption or by destroying three Shadow Orbs. It despawns outside the Corruption.
Skeletron Summoned by talking to the Old man at night, at the dungeon or by killing Clothier while having a Clothier Doll equipped, at night. If not killed by dawn it acts like the Dungeon Guardian, one shotting all players.
Dungeon Guardian Summoned by entering the dungeon below 0 depth before killing Skeletron. It one-hits the player unless the player has the maximum defense possible. It also only takes 1 damage from hits(2 from critical hits)
King Slime (Mini boss) Summoned using Slime Crown, or 1/3 chance to spawn near edge of your world.
Queen Bee She is summoned when breaking a Larva in a Bee Hive in the underground jungle biome, or by using Abeemination in the Jungle.
Wall of Flesh Summoned by throwing a Guide Voodoo Doll into lava in the Underworld while the Guide is alive.


Boss Name Spawning requirment
Wyvern (Miniboss) Spawns normally at Floating Island altitudes.
Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu Summoned with a Suspicious Looking Eye in the Reverse Realm.
Zone Eater Summoned during Hardmode by using Worm Food while in the Reverse Realm.
Destroyer Summoned during Hardmode using Mechanical Worm at night.
The Twins Summoned during Hardmode by using Mechanical Eye at night.
Skeletron Prime Summoned during Hardmode by using Mechanical Skull at night. Like Skeletron he acts like the Dungeon Guardian during the day(AKA Dungeon Guardian Prime)
Plantera Summoned during Hardmode by destroying a Plantera's Bulb in the underground jungle after destroying all three Mechanical bosses.
Golem Summoned using a Lihzahrd Power Cell and Lihzahrd Altar in Lihzahrd Temple.
Duke Fishron Summoned by fishing in an ocean using Truffle Worm as bait

Changes to Normal Boss Spawning

With the advent of hardmode attempting to summon normal bosses will lead to the following spawning in their place.

Eater of Worlds = Zone Eater

  • A much larger, faster, and stronger version of the Eater of Worlds. Vicious if split into many seperate pieces.

Skeletron = Dungeon Keeper (Not avaliable on N Terraria 5)

  • Can grab and throw characters for massive damage.
  • It grabs and leech the monsters health

Eye of Cthulhu = Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu

  • Multiple Stage Boss
  • Releases boulder during its second form and while chasing.
  • Fires Cursed Flames in 8 directions when rushing in its first form.

King slime= Queen Slime

  • Pink instead of blue
  • Spawns Illuminant Slimes instead of Blue Slimes
  • More HP than King Slime
  • Instead of a digested ninja, has a giant axe

Super Bosses (NTerraria 3 or lower)

Randomly spawned, the super bosses take on the form of boosted regular mobs featuring 10-30x normal health and 2-3x larger than their source stock. Virtually any monster can be spawned as a Super Boss and their arrival is announced in text. Free mode with mobifiers simulates this.